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Bengal Access Program


What is Bengal Access?


Bengal Access is a program that provides students with required textbooks and other course materials in a digital format, that is available to them on the first day of class through MyCourse.  These materials are provided at a savings of 20% to 65% off the price of a bound textbook.




How do I access these digital course materials?




The course materials will appear as a link in your My Courses.  The link will not go live until the first day of classYou click on the class that you want to access the materials.  There will be a tab in Mycourses that says “Redshelf External Tool.”  You must click on this tab, and the next tab will say access my course materials.  Click on this, and you will either be provided with a link to an e-text, or an access code that will be used for a courseware product (ie, MyMath Lab, Mastering Biology or Chemistry, etc.)  If you do not see the redshelf external tool, please contact your instructor asap or contact us at the bookstore.




How do I use the Access code for my class?




If you are taking a math class, or any science class that requires you to have access to Mastering, or Connect, please first follow the link provided by your instructor for the class.  This will send you to the courseware website.  If you have not already, set up an account (if you clicked on the link provided by the instructor, it will automatically have the course key embedded, so you will not have to enter it.  After you complete your registration, you will be asked to either enter a code, or purchase a code.  Please refer to the Redshelf External tool.  The code you receive when you click on access course materials is the access code you need to complete your registration.




What if I am taking a continuation course?  Do I still need to use this new code?




If the class you are taking is a second part of a continuation class, and you used the access code for the first class, then you may not need to get a second code.  Continuation courses that you do not need to buy a new code  are Math 0015, Math0021.  The best way to determine if you need a new access code is to click on the link provided by your instructor to register in the courseware.  If you can register with the courseware and not have to enter a new code, then you do not need to purchase a second code.




Can I request a printed textbook?




This depends on who the publisher is.  For courseware products, you must “rent” the printed text through the program (MyMathLab, Mastering, Connect, etc.)  Some publishers do provide the bookstore with “print upgrades” which would be a loose leaf textbook at a substantial savings.  Please email the bookstore for more information on print upgrades and if your class is eligible for one)




What if I decide I want to get my course materials elsewhere or do not need a new access code?




The main purpose of the Bengal Access program is to save our students money on their course materials.  Students are not required to participate in Bengal Access.  Students will have up until the 14th class day of each main semester and the 7th class day of Summer Session to “Opt out”.  Students who opt out will not be charged for the course materials.  For information on how to opt out, please visit Redshelf Solve at  This will provide information on other topics as well.




Make sure your Pop up Blocker is disabled.










When and how will I be billed for these course materials?




Due to the opt out period, students will not be billed until after the 14th class day (7th class day during summer sessions).  Please note this if you are not a recipient of financial aid as you will be responsible for clearing this with the business office.  Once we clear the Opt out date, you will receive an email from the bookstore stating what you were charged for once these charges post.  Please watch your email box.  Also please check your spam folder.  The bookstore will send out several emails to remind everyone of the opt out date and other relevant information.




For any other questions, please feel free to contact the bookstore at 337-550-1281, or you can drop by anytime during our regular business hours.  You can also email me at


For tech support or issues with codes, or with digital text, please go to  If there is not a solution to your issues, you can fill out a trouble ticket and get it resolved.

Why do my Bengal Access Course materials say "prepaid?" - This is mainly done to draw your attention to the line in the discription that states :

This title is available through Bengal Access. Do not order this text from the bookstore, or from the publisher. The text will be available via mycourse on the first day of class. For more information on Bengal access, visit is an attempt to get you to NOT put it in your cart and for you to read up on how Bengal Access is billed.